Will my car still pass an MOT?

None of our products will effect the emissions on your car so there will be no issues with the emissions test, however as there is no set decibel limits in the UK an MOT tester uses their own discretion to determine whether they think the car is too loud or not and can pass or fail based on this, we advise checking with your MOT tester. This information is for UK MOTs only. Customers in other countries will need to check their own countries regulations.

Will I need other parts to fit my product?

No, none of our products require any other parts for fitting unless the product is designed to fit a certain diffuser you will need the diffuser stated in the listing.

Do you accept returns?

As all of our products are made to order we do not accept returns, we advise checking with us first if you are unsure if this will fit your car.

Will I need to cut the standard exhaust?

Some of our exhausts require the standard exhaust to be cut, in this instance the fitting instructions will show you exactly where to cut. As long as you keep hold of the part that has been removed it can be refitted at any time. Some of our products do not require the standard exhaust to be cut.

How can I keep my exhaust looking clean?

We recommend cleaning the tailpipes every 1-2 weeks with a non abrasive cleaning solution and polishing with a metal polish such as Autosol to keep them looking tip top.

Do you do custom exhausts?

No, we do not offer custom exhausts all of our products are listed on our website.

How quickly will I receive my exhaust?

Timescales depend on the product, a lot of our products are in stock ready to dispatch, other products may take 7-10 working days to make and dispatch. This timescale can be longer during busy periods, feel free to contact us for an accurate dispatch time if this is not displayed on the listing.

Does my order come with a guarantee?

Yes, all of our products come with a lifetime warranty against all manufacturer faults.