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MK7 & MK7.5 Fiesta 1.0 80BHP (2008-2017) - Back Box Delete

MK7 & MK7.5 Fiesta 1.0 80BHP (2008-2017) - Back Box Delete


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A full stainless steel rear section (back box delete) for MK7 & MK7.5 Fiesta 1.0 80BHP.(2008-2017)

Comes with polished stainless slash cut twin 3" tailpipes

Free Lifetime Warranty

High Grade 304 Stainless Steel 

Fully Tig Welded

Comes ready to clamp on with fitting instructions, although, we would advise you have this fitted at a local garage.
A cost effective way of improving the sound and look of your car
Please note, this will only fit the STANDARD system and the STANDARD diffuser or any aftermarket diffuser that is designed to fit the standard exhaust for MK7 & MK7.5 Fiesta 1.0 80BHP  
Please Ensure you read this properly as all our products are made to order therefore returns are not accepted - if you are unsure if it will fit yours, please contact us with your reg and we will confirm.

Call us on 01333 421204
Email us at info@pipedynamics.co.uk
Mandrel is the type of bend - non mandrel bends have a slight reduction in bore size at the bend, mandrel bends have the same size bore throughout.
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