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VW Golf MK6 1.4tsi (122bhp) Back Box Delete

VW Golf MK6 1.4tsi (122bhp) Back Box Delete


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A full stainless steel rear section (back box delete) for VW GOLF 1.4TSI 122bhp 2009 - 2012 >

Comes with polished stainless double skinned slash cut twin 3" tailpipes

  • Free Lifetime Warranty
  • High Grade 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Fully Tig Welded
  • Mandrel Bends

Comes ready to clamp on with fitting instructions, although, we would advise you have this fitted at a local garage.
A cost effective way of improving the sound and look of your car.
Please note, this will only fit the STANDARD system and the STANDARD diffuser or any aftermarket diffuser that is designed to fit the standard exhaust  for MK6 VW Golf 1.4tsi 122bhp 

Image 2 and 3 show the 'in rolled' tailpipe option fitted to car
Please Ensure you read this properly as all our products are made to order therefore returns are not accepted - if you are unsure if it will fit yours, please contact us with your reg and we will confirm.

Call us on 01333 421204
Email us at info@pipedynamics.co.uk

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Vw golf “s” 2009

I have the same question as Sam on this page. I currently have a VW Golf “S” not a TSI, will this fit the same?

Many thanks

Mk6 1.4, not tsi

Hi there I have a mk6 1.4 s, NOT THE TSI, will this still fit, if not do you have any products or know anyone that has any that do fit?

Ole Jakob Oldebråten

Hello Pipe dynamics!

I have a Golf mk5 1.4 170bhp and I wonder if it also fits my car?

- Ole Jakob

Silencieux arrière

Bonjour savez vous si cela s'adapte sur mk6 1.4 16v s'il vous plaît ?

Thomas Goldie
Exhaust hanger

Exhaust hanger doesn’t seem to be in the right place as the standard one is offset upwards were as the one is just a straight bar, just something I seen in a video that was of the 1.4 tsi mk6 golf same as mine

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your review.

I'm sure you will see, from the video that you refer to, that the customer didn't follow the correct fitting instructions we provided and decided to cut the back box off in a place he thought would make the exhaust sit right, which was about 2' short of where we indicate on the instructions, which then resulted in the exhaust not fitting or sitting right and the hanger not reaching the rubber - had he cut the box off at the weld the exhaust would've fitted perfectly and the hanger would've fitted into the rubber no problem (as you can see in the image on this listing) we have made and fitted hundreds of these so we can guarantee where the cut needs to be made. The shape of the hanger in comparison to the standard hanger is irrelevant as you can see, the whole rear section is a completely different design so the hanger on this back box delete is exclusively designed to for fitment of this part to the standard rubber.

If you purchased one and followed the instructions correctly - it would fit


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